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Your Ward News Endorses Holocaust Denying Misogynist James Sears


In it’s recent election issue, YWN endorsed a guy named James Sears on almost every page. Sears is a disgraced former doctor who lost his medical license after being being convicted of multiple sexual assaults. He was also kicked out of the Canadian military because of his behavior and mental health issues. After that he made a niche for himself as “Dimitri the Lover” a Pick up Artist, and professional misogynist. His web page includes such topics as (trigger warning) “How to Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Manipulate Fags Into Aggressively Recruiting Sluts For You”.

On his recent election website he describes himself as a “raceologist,” an “anti-feminist and anti-metrosexual agitator,” a “revisionist historian with special interest in Hitler and the Nazis,” and a “Christian, pro-life and family values advocate (go jesus).”

Given his affinity for Shih Tzus and his paranoid delusions about marxists and Jews controlling city hall, I had a hard time convincing people that Sears and his run for city council weren’t a joke. I emailed  him and asked him to expand on some of his views. He seemed happy to talk to me and had this to say:


“We are all God’s children, but we are NOT equal.  This concept is extremely unfair in that it creates an UNEQUAL system to compensate for UNEQUAL abilities amongst us.  Women are generally right-brain superior and men are generally left-brain superior. Orientals are better at math, and blacks are better at intuitively reading body language.  When the Marxists took over Russia and Ukraine, it started with “political correctness” like in Canada now.  You could not make comments on race, religion, sex, etc.  Next was gun control.  After that, 50 million Christians were slaughtered.  We need to deal with the Marxist parasite NOW before it destroys Canada!

Secondly, Marxist Jews murdered those 50 million Christians.  That was a
REAL holocaust we never hear about.  What happened in Nazi Germany was NOT a purposeful holocaust.  There were not gas chambers (the “big lie”)>
300,000 HUMANS died at the tail end of the war, approximately half
non-Jews, from a typhus epidemic that spread through the camps (according
to Red Cross records).  The Jews in the camps were put there by Zionists
that collaborated with the Germans to round up the Jews and move them to
Palestine to form the state of Israel.  The true origin of the word “NAZI”
is “NA-ZI”, a merger of “National Socialism” and “Zionism” (don’t believe
what you read … do some reasearch!).

Finally, “men’s right’s advocacy” is often a mish-mash of misogynistic
cells of men who are not getting laid and are therefore bitter toward
women.  Some men’s rights groups are sincere, but they are few and far
between.  I do not feel that “men’s rights” can be advocated on a group
basis.  Each man must denounce metrosexuality and act like a REAL MAN.  We each have a duty to set the example for other men, just like I have an
example for you.  What’s interesting is that the New Testament doesn’t
really criticize homosexuality, so one can argue that the new covenant
allows it.  However, the bible clearly lambastes men who take on the
“dress and customs of women” (our modern day metrosexuals). That’s what
will destroy our society–feminization of men psychologically and



If it weren’t for his despicable misogyny, racism, and antisemitism, I’d have some sympathy for Sears. He clearly has some mental health issues. I can still feed bad for him, but his behavior, and connection to YWN outweigh any solidarity I might have for him as a person struggling with grandiosity and paranoid delusions. James Sears is a racist, a holocaust denier, a serial sex offender, an anti-choice Christian misogynist, and a very sick person who thrives on attention. I’m writing about him here at the risk of stroking his ego, but documenting his scumbaggary and his connection to YWN is an important public service.


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