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YWN’s Weird Libertarian Neo-Nazi “Political Party” Thing

James Sears is the leader of a new political party! Well, not really. The New Constitution Party doesn’t seem like much more than a fantastical pipe dream for some frustrated middle aged men to channel their racist conspiracy theories, xenophobia and misogyny. It’s hard to believe it’s not a joke, but they actually do seem serious about it, and some of their imagery and rhetoric is concerning, so it’s worth at least taking a look at.

A big part of YWN Watch has been trying to find a balance between not giving Leroy and James Sears the attention they desperately seek, and not allowing organized racism to exist unopposed – however bizarre and incoherent YWN might seem. We don’t think there is any risk of the New Constitution Party ever winning an election, gaining mass support, or even clawing it’s way out of Leroy’s mancave at 163 Main St, but it is a form of organized racism, it has a newspaper to promote itself, and it’s important to be vigilant and not give racists even an inch to try to establish themselves.


The New Constitution Party of Canada (NCP), which shares its address with YWN, uses the classical fascist rhetoric of national unity and opposition to some parasitic “other” which is supposedly an imminent threat. In NCP’s case, instead of blaming Jews outright, they usually added the prefix “Marxist” or “ZioMarxist” before blaming the Jews, but it’s clear that when they speak of “expelling the parasite” they’re speaking of Jews. Sears blames Jews for Stalinism and whatever hardships his ancestors apparently went through in Russia, and somehow concludes that the forces “ZioMarxism” are controlling our minds, forcing us to be politically correct, and manipulating politics and the economy. NCP’s politics are a bizarre hybrid of classical fascism, libertarianism, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Here’s one of their posters below. Notice the sieg heiling hands, one with a Jamaican flag bracelet, and another with some Native design, as if to say “look. we’re not racist.”  But Sears describes himself as a “raceologist” on his own website.



And then there’s this little thing:


You might have to tilt your computer screen to see it clearly, but it’s a swastika. They’re watermarked all over NCP’s website.   Also, it doesn’t seem like the NCP is recruiting women at all. Their poster calls specifically for “men” of certain ages to join their ranks. Holy sausage fest.

The picture below, taken from NCP’s website should be concerning to anyone familiar with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the media.


And of course, there’s also Sears’ email to me last October where he outright denied the Holocaust.

The NCP is operating openly out of Your Ward News’ office at 163 Main St in Toronto. Fell free to go pay them a visit in person, and let them know they’re anti-Semitic, racist, misogynist pieces of shit, or check out their website for some crazy.


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