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Birds Of A Feather – The Nazis Really Love Leroy And Your Ward News

Seems like Paul Fromm is returning the favor. After Your Ward News recently endorsed Neo-Nazi leader, and Ku Klux Klan affiliate Paul Fromm for mayor of Mississauga, Fromm responded by writing an article supportive of YWN on his anti-immigrant website Canadian Association For Free Expression. The article, supportive of Leroy in his recent spat with Canada Post, also appears on the racist web forum “White News Now”.

free ex

Another white supremacist web forum called Viva Malta, reprints this Your Ward News article which reviles the dystopian horrors of racists, sexists, and homophobes being subject to stigma and ostracization for their  abhorrent views. Those poor oppressed Nazis and their lack of freedom of speech 😦


And another Nazi website called Vanguard News Network (that carries the not very subtle subheading “No Jews. Just Right”) republished Robert James’ anti-immigrant article from Your Ward News called Diverse Multiculturalism, And Foreigner Privilege. The article was posted by a man named Alex Linder, a notorious Nazi from Missouri. Maybe Paul Fromm isn’t the only prominent Nazi YWN has connections to?


So congratulations Leroy, Robert James, and Your Ward News. The hardcore Neo-Nazis think you’re doing a great job, and you’re right down there with them in the lurid depths of turpitude and degeneracy.


Lastly, here’s James Sears and Leroy speaking out against diversity, posted on a Nazi Youtube channel. I wonder if Sears is aware that QUAIA’s membership was heavily Jewish and heavily Marxist (actual Marxist, not the imaginary conspiracy theory kind that Sears is afraid of)?

Sears ends this segment off with that tired old chestnut blaming the Jews for 9/11, and then goes on to blame Jews collectively for his misconstrued revision of the historic crimes of communist dictatorships. Blood libel much? It’s like everything these clowns believe was taken from a racist conspiracy theory blog, or an Alex Jones video. Epistemological standards people – keep them high, or you might end up sounding like these insane, racist asshats.


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