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YWN Bashes The Poor

Leroy’s cornucopia of hatred and bigotry really is well rounded. Here’s an article from 2013 suggesting that panhandlers are not really homeless, and keep dogs as props to milk people for sympathy money.




And here’s another article from 2013 called ‘Beach Bums of Queen St’ further attacking panhandlers, and suggesting that people with disabilities who collect benefits are all lazy scammers.


Some people who panhandle are’t homeless. Some are. It really shouldn’t matter. Anyone who’s ever done the math of the welfare system knows that $615 a month doesn’t even pay the rent, never mind food, transit, and whatever else. Nobody wants to be panhandling or on welfare. It’s miserable and humiliating. This kind of hostility and suspicion towards people who are struggling to survive day to day is low, even for scumbags like Leroy and Robert James. So far I have yet to see YWN pick on the elderly, but I wouldn’t put it past them. If you’re downtrodden and marginalized, whoever you are, there’s a vitriolic article somewhere in Your Ward News blaming you for it, and stoking fear and resentment against you.


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