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Not Welcome Anywhere

After consistently having venues for their music events canceled thanks to some good outreach to receptive people, Leroy has resorted to holding his “blues fest” at his mancave at 163 Main St on an “invite only” basis.


And the websites for his “blues fest” are now dedicated exclusively to trying to defame some poor soul who Leroy apparently thinks is us.

Furthermore, the charity that Leroy’s “music fest” was boasting about it’s one time donation of tickets to has stated that it will not accept any further donations from Leroy, and has asked Leroy to take reference of his donation to them down from his website (which is now just a smear campaign anyway).

I’d call that a pretty successful disruption. Many of the businesses we’ve contacted have canceled their ads in YWN, and there is noticeably less advertising in the paper – which means less revenue.

We’re not going to stop our “terrorist conspiracy” (Leroyspeak for polite outreach and information sharing) until the newspaper is shut down. But we’ll take a moment of pride in knowing that Leroy is now further isolated and confined to his mancave, having to borrow money from James Sears to publish his soon to be forgotten hate rag.

If you’re in Toronto, please go visit Hirut Cafe, Melange Restaurant, and the Lake House; have some food and drinks, and thank the owners and staff for not giving a venue to fascist scumbags. And donate something to Evs’s Initiatives.


3 thoughts on “Not Welcome Anywhere

  1. We are a group of people in the community who oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and Nazism. And you are an anonymous poster using a fake name who’s criticizing our anonymity.


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