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James Sears Tweets

James Sears aka Dimitri The Lover, the perennial political candidate endorsed and promoted by Your Ward News on most of their recent front pages, has a twitter account. It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Sears’ history as a sex offender and a racist anti-Semite that his tweets are super messed up. Sears’ twitter content includes things like: encouraging rape, referring to Russian punk band Pussy Riot as “ZioMarxist CUNTS“, stating that Mike Brown, the recent victim of racist police murder in Ferguson, Missouri “got what he deserved“, and Sears stating that his “two biggest heroes are Jesus and Hitler“.

This is the man Leroy and YWN are fanatically promoting as hopeful future Prime Minister. Obviously Leroy, Sears And YWN are marginalized scumbags, and their political fantasies will never amount to much more than a mid life crisis. But this should give a pretty good idea of the character of YWN and the people associated with it.


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