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May’s Dose of Crazy

Apparently Holocaust denier, and serial sex offender James Sears has been promoted to editor in chief. Maybe Leroy is getting ready to retire? Or maybe Sears is just the stronger personality, and Leroy is getting pushed aside?

In any case, the crazy conspiracy theories, historical revisionism and anti-Semitic bullshit are extensive in this month’s issue.

Front page is a cartoon making fun of Jews and the Holocaust:


Sears’ first article starts off stating that he was “elated” about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, is “elated” when abortion doctors are killed, and thinks the Charlie Hebdo killings and 9/11 were false flag attacks carried out by Israel.


J.J. (Gary Schipper) calls the Holocaust a “Holohoax”:


Sears writes another article citing as his primary and only source, a book by notorious racist, Holocaust denier, and conspiracy theorist Michael Hoffman


The article states that blacks were better slaves than whites because biologically “they could handle the heat” and that calling a white person a “redneck” is worse than calling a black person a “nigger”:


The article concludes by theorizing that white people were not in fact responsible for slavery, and that he will reveal in next months issue who the “real” perpetrators of slavery were that the ZioMarxist controlled media is hiding from you (SPOILER: He thinks it’s the Jews).


So with Sears as new editor in chief, I think we can expect an even grater level of crazy, and a stronger focus on bizarre conspiracy theories, especially of the anti-Semitic variety. They write pretty indignantly against any suggestion that Canada Post could stop delivering them because of their hate speech, and they’re offering cash paid daily for telemarketing jobs, likely because so many people have canceled their ads in the paper and they’re looking for new revenue.


So keep up the complaints top CP and calls to advertisers on pages 5, 6, 8 & 11. It’s working.


4 thoughts on “May’s Dose of Crazy

  1. Look at the ad on page 5 for “Johnny Jensen” (ie “J.J. from page 2). It’s definitely former Heritage Front spokesman and self-styled country singer Gary Schipper.


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