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Bye Bye

star ray

After some community pressure, Star Ray TV has finally done the right thing and canceled ‘James Sears Live’, the talk show hosted by James Sears, notorious Holocaust denier, sex offender, and editor in chief of Your Ward News.

Another win for the community. Another sorry loss for this soon to be forgotten hate group.



2 thoughts on “Bye Bye

  1. I read in the newest edition of Sears’ rag that he lost his show to protect his nemesis Patrick Clohessy. He doesn’t say from what, but based on his side of the story (which has a ring of truth to it and reads like a sworn affidavit), Patrick might have been in some danger. I loathe Sears and would enjoy running him out of town, but for him to lose a show to protect a sworn enemy out of principle, shows honour. This blog should at least acknowledge that and thank the man for promoting peaceful dialogue, no matter how vulgar it is. Even if the people running this blog are not one and the same as Patrick Clohessy, you should still show some gratitude. It’s the honourable thing to do. I think the community should instead be mobilizing against that Nazi that owns Star Ray TV. He has alot of sponsors, including ones of Jewish background who don’t realize that they’re funding hate with their money.


    1. There’s really nothing to aknowladge. Sears and Jan got into a squabble and it ended badly. Nobody from this blog or otherwise was ever at risk. James Sears lost his show because he’s a Nazi scumbag with grandiose delusions who hangs around other erratic scumbags, not because he was protecting anybody. The focus of this blog is to expose and shut down YWN, and its related groups. We have no evidence that anything Sears wrote about Jan Pachul in this months YWN is true. If you have evidence that Pachul is in fact a Nazi, please send it along to the Co-Op as I’m sure they’d be interested to know.


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