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Child Abuse?

James Sears AKA Dimitri the Lover, editor in chief of Your Ward News, and Holocaust denying, misogynist, homophobic, scumbagxenophobe is unfortunately a father.

It’s disturbing that anyone would breed with such a lowlife. But possibly even more disturbing is that Sears is using his infant son as an avatar for his neo-fascist politics. This picture was recently posted by Sears to his twitter account. In the caption, Sears compares his infant son to Hitler. This is the same twitter account that Sears uses to give instructions on how to rape women, and to deny the Nazi Holocaust, among other insane bullshit.


In last months Your Ward News, Sears’ partner and the Mother of his son was credited for an article that described the role of women in Sears’ misogynist political fantasy. It was a piece promoting “traditional” patriarchal gender roles, with men being at the forefront of social and political life, and with women playing a subdued and “supportive” role as unpaid caregivers, nurturers, and domestic servants.

“…the NCP has no official “active” role for women”

For most people who’ve ever put serious thought into the concept of gender, unless they’re blinded by religion, ideology, or a desire to maintain power over others; it’s clear that patriarchal gender roles are devices that have been socially constructed over time, not only to establish and maintain men’s subjugation of women, but also to reduce men to a narrow set of “inherent” characteristics which serve the interests of those in power.

It’s sad and concerning that Sears is using his family to promote his fascism and misogyny. We won’t assume that Sears’ partner is a victim or that she is being manipulated. Perhaps she is, in which case we hope she gets the help she needs to leave. Or perhaps her internalized sexism and support for fascism is independent and considered (in whatever way such bankrupt ideas can be “considered”). What kind of a person would marry James Sears? And what kind of life will their son have if he’s being raised to believe that it’s OK to rape women, and that a secret cabal of Marxist Jews are lying about the Holocaust in a conspiracy to control the world?


One thought on “Child Abuse?

  1. Please let your readers know that one way to stop receiving this rag is to tell Canada Post that they don’t want admail anymore. Once CP starts to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in cancelled flyer delivery, perhaps they will reconsider the delivery of this nonsense. CP is a private company that can turn down ANY business for ANY reason, yet they make a conscience choice to accept this lunatic’s money. It ain’t right, and they should be made accountable for lending Your Ward News the legitimacy it so does not deserve. CANCEL ALL YOUR ADMAIL TODAY!!!


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