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PEGIDA Gets Chased Away.

PEGIDA Canada, a racist anti-immigrant group from Europe has been trying to establish itself in Canada. Much like Your Ward News, they also claim not to be racists and Nazis, and make appeals to liberal notions of free speech in defense of their hateful views.  They tried to have a demonstration in Montreal back in March, but were shut down.

Today in Toronto they tried to hold a rally at Queens Park, but were greatly outnumbered and ultimately had to be escorted away by the police for their own safety. In attendance was racist murder Chris Broskey who YWN endorsed for city council last October.

Long time Nazi organizer Paul Fromm, who was also  endorsed by YWN chimed in in defense of the racists.

And YWN editor James Sears who’s also “totally not a Nazi” is endorsing National Socialism in Hungary and calling for migrants to be “impaled” via twitter.


Statistics like, these, are probably super inconvenient for right wing anti-immigrant racists, Nazis, and Islamophobes.


2 thoughts on “PEGIDA Gets Chased Away.

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    1. Danforth Music Fest folks. Thanks for stopping by and practicing your words Leroy. Keep it up and you’ll be writing semi-coherent sentences at some point before you die (better hurry.. you don’t look so good).


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