Your Ward News (YWN) is a Nazi affiliated newspaper that’s distributed as admail by Canada Post in the Beaches neighborhood in the east end of Toronto. Published and by a man named Leroy St. Germaine (pictured above), YWN presents itself as an innocuous “local newspaper” that criticizes local politicians and satirises the left. Fair enough. But anyone who takes the time to read the details of the conspiracy theories and hypercapitalised smear campaigns will find that the newspaper expresses views that are often racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, and anti-Semitic. YWN has supported and has received support from Neo-Nazi leader and KKK affiliate Paul Fromm, has promoted well known Nazis who’ve run for city council, and has reprinted articles from other hate groups like Immigration Watch Canada. One of YWN’s frequent writers, Michelle Erstikaitis is a well known Neo-Nazi, and YWN’s editor James Sears aka Dimitri the Lover is a sex offender, pick up artist, and a holocaust denier. Another one of YWN’s core writers is Gary Schipper (who goes by the pseudonym J.J.), former member of the now defunct Heritage Front.


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  1. Got the latest publication delivered to my door on Monday. Can we publish and encourage a boycott of the businesses that advertise within its pages? Are they even aware of what they’re bankrolling?


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