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Your Ward News and White Nationalism

Your Ward News often claims to be simply a “controversial” or “satirical” newspaper that is pushing the boundaries of free speech in some libertarian crusade against the forces of censorship and big government. This is a tired old trope that’s been used by Neo-Nazis for ages. Take for example Paul Fromm and his “Canadian Association for Free Expression“. Fromm has been an active Nazi organizer and recruiter for decades and has ties to the KKK., yet he frames his organization in terms of liberal defense of free speech. The now defunct Heritage Front also tried to deflect criticism from it’s Nazi organizing by appealing to liberal notions of free speech. Your Ward News has connections to both Paul Fromm and the Heritage Front.

It’s common for Nazis and other fascists to tone down their rhetoric when they’re marginalized and looking to recruit, seeking to appeal to a broader audience of potential supporters by pandering to less hardcore racists and conservatives with issues like immigration and free speech. But it usually doesn’t take much digging to get the full story.

This blog has made numerous connections between Your Ward News and it’s writers and supporters, and the broader Nazi, White Nationalist and fascist movement. And we have documented many incidences of racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and other forms of hatred and bigotry in the pages of YWN and in statements from people associated with the group. Please take the time to browse our blog to see the evidence.

In keeping with our purpose, we will continue this documentation as needed, but feel we’ve amassed enough evidence here to slow down a bit and not pick apart every repetition of hate speech that comes out with each new issue of YWN.

The Your Ward News Watch Facebook page was recently visited by well known Michigan White Nationalist John Nugent who left us a post about a Jewish Israeli historian (Shlomo Sand) who recently renounced his Jewish identity. The link was left with the quote “Look at this horrible antisemite”. We can only assume that this was an attempt to deflect criticism from YWN and to obfuscate and minimize real anti-Semitism. Shlomo Sand is a controversial figure, but whatever ones feelings are about him, the existence of a Jewish Israeli historian who’s deeply critical of Jewish identity and especially nationalism, certainly doesn’t legitimize the Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories about Jews coming from people like Nugent, and YWN.

john d nugent

As it turns out, Nugent and YWN publisher and owner Leroy St. Germaine are Facebook friends.


Nugent is a well known for his virulent anti-Semitism, racist conspiracy theories about aliens, and absurd fringe history:

Further to our recent exchange with Nugent, YWN editor and scumbag Holocaust denier/serial sex offender James Sears was recently quoted on the white supremacist webforum Stormfront:


It appears that a Nazi from Winnipeg going by the name ‘vikingwarlord14’ (LOL, WTF!?) wrote to James Sears recently looking for info in the NCP’s platform in relation to white supremacy.  According to vikingwarlord14, Sears replied somewhat receptively:

“The New Constitution Party recognizes “white genocide” as a real phenomenon. For example, abortion only targets white Christian women. Also, “anti-racism” is merely code language for “anti-white”. As for immigration, it would be unrealistic to limit it based on colour.

Instead, it should be limited based on country of origin. Furthermore, stopping it all together makes no sense for what you are concerned about because whites are reproducing more slowly that other races, so Canada would become even LESS white if we do that. Instead, we should promote EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION ONLY, from people who have deep roots in Europe.”

James Sears also got some recent coverage from a news site called ‘Renegade Tribune’ run by white supremacist Kyle Hunt who staged a “white man’s march” in 2014 in the states.

So add this to the cache of evidence of connections to Nazis and hateful and bigoted expression coming from James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine next time they play the freedom of speech card.

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“We swear.. We’re not actually Nazis”

Since James Sears AKA Dimitri the Lover has taken over as editor, Your Ward News has gone into full reactionary persecution complex mode. We’ve seen less content from YWN regulars like Nazi scumbag Gary Schipper, AKA J.J. (although he’s now listed as a “Senior Journalist“) and Nazi/Paul Bernardo fan Michelle Erstikiatis, and the newspaper has almost exclusively become an outlet for James Sears to promote himself, his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and his hopeless fantasy of political office (we can’t help but wonder if Leroy is being muscled or manipulated out?).

Sears’ conspiracy theories have become personal lately, and he now thinks the Zio-Marxist hoards have the Post Office, the NDP, the Liberal Party, the unions, and even local graffiti artists working together to silence him. With this level of organization, surely the Bolsheviks will be kicking our doors down any minute, demanding collective use of your toothbrush for the globalist proletariat.

Sears has offered a free dinner with himself (more like a punishment than a prize) to anyone who can decipher a word spray painted above “Nazi fuck” which someone recently scrawled on the office window of YWN at 163 Main St. Far from being part of a union led terror campaign, it looks like the graffiti was done by a local tagger who goes by ‘Sherm‘. How unbelievable is it that people in the community would want to vandalize your office window if you publish a Nazi newspaper, and make your address public? It had to have been part of an elaborate conspiracy! While we support the act, and couldn’t care less about the property rights of Nazi degenerates, we can’t take responsibility for this little tag.

This month‘s wrap blames Israel and the CIA for 9/11, and continues into some Rothschild conspiracy theories about the monetary system and assassinations. And of course, voting for Sears will keep the lizard people at bay.


Apparently YWN publisher Leroy is Metis, so it looks like he’s trying to pull some liberal identity politics bullshit by now stating boldly on the front page that the newspaper is “METIS OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 2007”. The publishers of this blog are against colonialism, and stand in solidarity with ingenious struggles whenever possible, but we also recognize that belonging to a certain group doesn’t mean that you can’t also be a racist piece of shit. It’s pretty funny that Leroy and YWN constantly go off against what they perceive as leftism and political correctness, and then adopt the kind of meaningless identity politicking that liberal leftists are notorious for. Leroy certainly doesn’t represent Metis people, and most would likely be disgusted by his racism, bigotry, and support for Nazis. I’d be curious to know what Metis lineage Leroy claims, and if his kinfolk are aware of his Nazi affiliated newspaper claiming to be Metis? Sorry Leroy, but being Metis doesn’t give your Nazi fuckary a “pass” or deflect the rightful criticism you’re getting. That’s shitty ID politics 101.


Much like Leroy’s abuse of Metis identity, James Sears frequently claims solidarity with Palestinians.


The publishers of this blog also stand in solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle against colonialism and violent dispossession. But what separates us from people like James Sears is our motivation. While we see the violence of political Zionism as an appendage of western colonialism, and not representative of Jewish people as a large and diverse group(s), Sears uses the cynical logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, seeing Palestinians as hopeful allies or possibly a wedge issue, and constructing conspiracy theories about “bloodthirsty Zionist Talmudic Jews” and stating “Jews are obsessed with myths about gas chambers and ovens. But there is one REAL oven that the Zionist Talmudic Jews … should be worried about: GOD’S OVEN! It is called HELL and it is where they are going to go if they do not immediately repent for their sins and accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.”

This writer has years of experience doing Palestinian solidarity activism in Toronto, and has personally chased away Nazi scumbags like Sears who thought they could infiltrate the movement and spread anti-Semitism, only to find Palestinians and Jews and people from all backgrounds working together against colonialism and racism.

Sears is closer ideologically to the Kahanists who burned Ali Dawabsha to death (except for Sears’ conspiracy theories about Jews of course) than any Palestinians he deceitfully claims solidarity with.

Oh.. and here’s Sears making crude racial/sexual remarks about Olivia Chow..



The whole farce of “free speech” and “political satire” is transparent to anyone paying attention. We’ve been reading Your Ward News critically for about a year now (yes, it’s been nauseating), and have documented on this blog numerous accounts of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred against immigrants, and support for known Nazis. These examples, in their tone, context, and frequency couldn’t possibly be considered political satire. Anyone who, after looking at the evidence, comes to the defense of YWN and/or James Sears, is either willfully ignorant, or supportive of their bigotry (or both).

As if YWN wasn’t enough of a gong show, Toronto conspiracy theorist creep Lawrence McCurry recently jumped into the mix. McCurry is vaguely known by some in Toronto for showing up at activist events looking like inspector gadget, claiming to be a journalist, and taking voyeuristic pictures of people with the likes of Greg Renouf.


In addition to being hilarious looking and writing terribly, McCurry shares Leroy/Sears’ passion for Marxist conspiracy theories, and he recently wrote an article defending YWN and posted a supportive interview with James Sears to his Youtube channel:

McCurry is a big Rob Ford fan, and thinks the Lac-Megantic train derailment was a “false flag” carried out by “globalist elites”.

We sent some info to McCurry about Sears and Leroy’s connections to well known Nazis, and articles promoting racism and misogyny etc, but he’s convinced that YWN are some kind of anti-establishment heroes being persecuted by the Zio-Marxist conspiracy. So whether McCurry’s support for this hate group is based on fantasy conspiracy based affinity, or just McCurry’s bad genes and stupidity, it’s clear that Lawrence is a Nazi supporting piece of shit like his buddies at the newspaper.

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Clearly Anti-Semitic Front Page – Still Delivered By Canada Post

The front page of August’s issue of YWN featured a green skinned “Rothschild” puppateering various political candidates. The cartoon prominently features a Star of David, and implies that Jews are somehow conspiring to control all politicians, and thus our lives.


Also, James Sears recently tweeted an endorsement of blackface as a measure of freedom…


Promotes the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece, and then advocates rape in consecutive tweets…


I’m admittedly getting a bit tired of endlessly documenting the undeniably fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant bullshit coming out of 163 Main St. I think with this months over the top incitement to hatred against Jewish people front cover, Canada Post will have a hard time remaining “neutral” and continuing to distribute this. We just might have to give them a little push.

The newspaper is apparently so rotten that some postal workers have gotten a rash from handling it

Delivered by Canada post or by hand, some of us in the community are committed to seeing that these scumbags aren’t left to fester, and we will keep the pressure on them until they disappear completely.


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Incitement To Hatred Against Immigrants, Bizarre Infighting, And More Holocaust Denial

This month’s YWN includes an article that repeatedly refers to immigrants as “parasites” and blames immigration for crime, pollution, illness, gridlock, high housing costs, taxes, high food prices, bad DNA, and a lack of farmland. It also proposes walled concentration camps for refugees in Canada.

In another article about James Sears’ bizarre fallout with Star Ray TV and the cancellation of his TV show, Sears refers to a woman of colour as a “negress”.

We might have agreed with the article criticizing the Canadian government for its genocidal policies against aboriginal peoples, except that it was written by despicable white supremacist Gary Schipper under his pseudonym J.J. I’m not sure what angle they’re playing, but somehow I doubt that this well known Nazi is sincere in his ostensible support for aboriginal peoples.

And then there was the article decrying Canada’s new spying bill (C-51) written by Arthur Smitherman (George Smitherman’s weird Rob Ford loving brother). It puts us in a strange position when these racist scumbags take positions similar to ours in opposition to things like the residential school system and government spying. It’s worth taking a minute to reflect on the nature of right wing populism. Much like Rob Ford’s campaign rhetoric or other hysterical right wing quacks like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones, Your Ward News and Sears’ political club try to frame themselves as some kind of anti-establishment force for social change. Some of the concerns they raise are legitimate such as social insecurity, political corruption, government spying, and atrocities committed by the Canadian government, etc. But instead of finding in these legitimate problems a coherent political (or anti-political) critique and potential solutions that are actionable, YWN turns to scapegoating immigrants, Jews, women, people of colour, and the poor, and spins grandiose conspiracy theories about ZioMarxists, FemiNazis and municipal politicians working with unions to stymie your freedom. Dont get us wrong – most of the issues YWN raises are pure fantasy and don’t deserve any analysis. And of the few legitimate concerns they do raise, not only do they offer no actual solution, but they offer Neo-Fascist populism as a “solution”. So buy more newspapers and join the NCP to help Native people and stop bill C-51? Thankfully, very few people are stupid enough to believe in this kind of absurd and hateful nonsense. But YWN is still delivering their racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant newspaper to thousands of homes in the Beach(es), so we’ll continue reading it, exposing them, and working to shut them down.

In closing, here’s some holocaust denial and conspiracy theory cray cray from Leroy’s facebook:

leroy holocaust


And James Sears encouraging you to watch the pro-Nazi propaganda “documentary” film ‘Hell Storm’:

nazi pro

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Child Abuse?

James Sears AKA Dimitri the Lover, editor in chief of Your Ward News, and Holocaust denying, misogynist, homophobic, scumbagxenophobe is unfortunately a father.

It’s disturbing that anyone would breed with such a lowlife. But possibly even more disturbing is that Sears is using his infant son as an avatar for his neo-fascist politics. This picture was recently posted by Sears to his twitter account. In the caption, Sears compares his infant son to Hitler. This is the same twitter account that Sears uses to give instructions on how to rape women, and to deny the Nazi Holocaust, among other insane bullshit.


In last months Your Ward News, Sears’ partner and the Mother of his son was credited for an article that described the role of women in Sears’ misogynist political fantasy. It was a piece promoting “traditional” patriarchal gender roles, with men being at the forefront of social and political life, and with women playing a subdued and “supportive” role as unpaid caregivers, nurturers, and domestic servants.

“…the NCP has no official “active” role for women”

For most people who’ve ever put serious thought into the concept of gender, unless they’re blinded by religion, ideology, or a desire to maintain power over others; it’s clear that patriarchal gender roles are devices that have been socially constructed over time, not only to establish and maintain men’s subjugation of women, but also to reduce men to a narrow set of “inherent” characteristics which serve the interests of those in power.

It’s sad and concerning that Sears is using his family to promote his fascism and misogyny. We won’t assume that Sears’ partner is a victim or that she is being manipulated. Perhaps she is, in which case we hope she gets the help she needs to leave. Or perhaps her internalized sexism and support for fascism is independent and considered (in whatever way such bankrupt ideas can be “considered”). What kind of a person would marry James Sears? And what kind of life will their son have if he’s being raised to believe that it’s OK to rape women, and that a secret cabal of Marxist Jews are lying about the Holocaust in a conspiracy to control the world?

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Your Ward News’ Door To Door Fraud. More Holocaust Denial By James Sears.

Several residents in the Beaches neighborhood have reported that canvassers have shown up to their doors selling tickets for Your Ward News’ music “festival” the Beaches Blues Fest/Danforth Music Fest. This is odd for several reasons. Firstly, because the “festival” is now a paranoid, invite only “open stage” (there’s no stage though) at the newspaper’s office. Hardly a “festival”, Leroy’s feeble attempt at live music promotion has been shunned by any potential venues after people in the community learned of the connections between BBF/DMF, YWN, and the newspaper’s racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic content, and support for Neo-Nazis. So it seems strange that Leroy would be canvassing the community selling tickets for such a reclusive event that’s “not open to the general public”, and where “no commies or lefties” are allowed. Clearly Leroy and YWN are feeling the heat and desperate for money.

And secondly, the BBF/DMF are being canvassed as a “non-profit” that “supports street kids”. Considering the history and ideology of the people involved with this newspaper and it’s associated music “festival”, this is a shameful and sinister fraud. Leroy did donate tickets (not money) for one of his music events to an org that helps street kids once. Eva’s Initiatives has since stated that they will no longer accept any donations from Leroy after learning about his hateful and bigoted newspaper. The actual content of Your Ward News is even more startling, considering that they’re billing their music events as a “non-profit” “festival” that “helps street kids”.

Here’s a picture from  YWN’s May 2013 issue. It shows a young man panhandling, and insinuates that street kids are “unmotivated slackers”, who leech off taxpayers, and are “violent, aggressive, and use drugs”.


And here’s an article from the same issue of YWN. Robert James describes his escapades with Michelle Erstikaitis on a Rob ford community clean up day. The article describes people in the Downtown East community of Toronto as “vermin” and is surprising, even by YWN standards, in it’s viscous hatred of poor and marginalized people.


How a group that spews such virulent intolerance against poor people can lie so blatantly and claim that it’s somehow “helping street kids” with the money it’s trying to raise is beyond obscene.

So watch out for door to door fraud by this despicable hate group. Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Festival are owned by Leroy St. Germaine, the same waste of oxygen who owns and publishes Your Ward News. If they come to your door asking for money, you might want to report it as fraud.


And James Sears, YWN’s new editor in chief is all kinds of anti-Semitic crazy lately. His most recent tweet is a Holocaust denial video featuring “pastor” Steven Anderson, the leader of a Christian fundamentalist hate group from Arizona. Like minds I guess.


anti-semitism, antisemitism, beaches blues festival, dimitri the lover, ernst zundel, gary schipper, heritage front, holocaust denial, james sears, leroy st. germain, neo-nazi, New Constitution Party, racism, xenophobia, Your Ward News, your ward news watch, yourwardnews, yourwardnewswatch

YWN Giving Space to Former Heritage Front Member Gary Schipper

ON Pg. 5 of May’s edition of YWN, there’s an add for “Johnny Jensen”, The Human Jukebox. He does parties, events, lessons, and more! But one of the images on Johnny Jensen’s ad is also the profile picture for the twitter account of Gary Schipper, former member of the notorious and now defunct Neo-Nazi group The Heritage Front.


According to Wikipedia, Gary (“Johnny Jensen) is “J.J.”, his pseudonym as a frequent author of articles in Your Ward News (we always thought J.J. was just another pen name for Leroy, but apparently not). This makes two well known Neo-Nazis writing/working for YWN.  The other being Michelle Erstikaitis.


Despite being a notorious anti-Semite, Johnny/Gary seems to by quite fond of Leonard Cohen.