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Incitement To Hatred Against Immigrants, Bizarre Infighting, And More Holocaust Denial

This month’s YWN includes an article that repeatedly refers to immigrants as “parasites” and blames immigration for crime, pollution, illness, gridlock, high housing costs, taxes, high food prices, bad DNA, and a lack of farmland. It also proposes walled concentration camps for refugees in Canada.

In another article about James Sears’ bizarre fallout with Star Ray TV and the cancellation of his TV show, Sears refers to a woman of colour as a “negress”.

We might have agreed with the article criticizing the Canadian government for its genocidal policies against aboriginal peoples, except that it was written by despicable white supremacist Gary Schipper under his pseudonym J.J. I’m not sure what angle they’re playing, but somehow I doubt that this well known Nazi is sincere in his ostensible support for aboriginal peoples.

And then there was the article decrying Canada’s new spying bill (C-51) written by Arthur Smitherman (George Smitherman’s weird Rob Ford loving brother). It puts us in a strange position when these racist scumbags take positions similar to ours in opposition to things like the residential school system and government spying. It’s worth taking a minute to reflect on the nature of right wing populism. Much like Rob Ford’s campaign rhetoric or other hysterical right wing quacks like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones, Your Ward News and Sears’ political club try to frame themselves as some kind of anti-establishment force for social change. Some of the concerns they raise are legitimate such as social insecurity, political corruption, government spying, and atrocities committed by the Canadian government, etc. But instead of finding in these legitimate problems a coherent political (or anti-political) critique and potential solutions that are actionable, YWN turns to scapegoating immigrants, Jews, women, people of colour, and the poor, and spins grandiose conspiracy theories about ZioMarxists, FemiNazis and municipal politicians working with unions to stymie your freedom. Dont get us wrong – most of the issues YWN raises are pure fantasy and don’t deserve any analysis. And of the few legitimate concerns they do raise, not only do they offer no actual solution, but they offer Neo-Fascist populism as a “solution”. So buy more newspapers and join the NCP to help Native people and stop bill C-51? Thankfully, very few people are stupid enough to believe in this kind of absurd and hateful nonsense. But YWN is still delivering their racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant newspaper to thousands of homes in the Beach(es), so we’ll continue reading it, exposing them, and working to shut them down.

In closing, here’s some holocaust denial and conspiracy theory cray cray from Leroy’s facebook:

leroy holocaust


And James Sears encouraging you to watch the pro-Nazi propaganda “documentary” film ‘Hell Storm’:

nazi pro

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Your Ward News’ Door To Door Fraud. More Holocaust Denial By James Sears.

Several residents in the Beaches neighborhood have reported that canvassers have shown up to their doors selling tickets for Your Ward News’ music “festival” the Beaches Blues Fest/Danforth Music Fest. This is odd for several reasons. Firstly, because the “festival” is now a paranoid, invite only “open stage” (there’s no stage though) at the newspaper’s office. Hardly a “festival”, Leroy’s feeble attempt at live music promotion has been shunned by any potential venues after people in the community learned of the connections between BBF/DMF, YWN, and the newspaper’s racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic content, and support for Neo-Nazis. So it seems strange that Leroy would be canvassing the community selling tickets for such a reclusive event that’s “not open to the general public”, and where “no commies or lefties” are allowed. Clearly Leroy and YWN are feeling the heat and desperate for money.

And secondly, the BBF/DMF are being canvassed as a “non-profit” that “supports street kids”. Considering the history and ideology of the people involved with this newspaper and it’s associated music “festival”, this is a shameful and sinister fraud. Leroy did donate tickets (not money) for one of his music events to an org that helps street kids once. Eva’s Initiatives has since stated that they will no longer accept any donations from Leroy after learning about his hateful and bigoted newspaper. The actual content of Your Ward News is even more startling, considering that they’re billing their music events as a “non-profit” “festival” that “helps street kids”.

Here’s a picture from  YWN’s May 2013 issue. It shows a young man panhandling, and insinuates that street kids are “unmotivated slackers”, who leech off taxpayers, and are “violent, aggressive, and use drugs”.


And here’s an article from the same issue of YWN. Robert James describes his escapades with Michelle Erstikaitis on a Rob ford community clean up day. The article describes people in the Downtown East community of Toronto as “vermin” and is surprising, even by YWN standards, in it’s viscous hatred of poor and marginalized people.


How a group that spews such virulent intolerance against poor people can lie so blatantly and claim that it’s somehow “helping street kids” with the money it’s trying to raise is beyond obscene.

So watch out for door to door fraud by this despicable hate group. Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Festival are owned by Leroy St. Germaine, the same waste of oxygen who owns and publishes Your Ward News. If they come to your door asking for money, you might want to report it as fraud.


And James Sears, YWN’s new editor in chief is all kinds of anti-Semitic crazy lately. His most recent tweet is a Holocaust denial video featuring “pastor” Steven Anderson, the leader of a Christian fundamentalist hate group from Arizona. Like minds I guess.


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Not Welcome Anywhere

After consistently having venues for their music events canceled thanks to some good outreach to receptive people, Leroy has resorted to holding his “blues fest” at his mancave at 163 Main St on an “invite only” basis.


And the websites for his “blues fest” are now dedicated exclusively to trying to defame some poor soul who Leroy apparently thinks is us.

Furthermore, the charity that Leroy’s “music fest” was boasting about it’s one time donation of tickets to has stated that it will not accept any further donations from Leroy, and has asked Leroy to take reference of his donation to them down from his website (which is now just a smear campaign anyway).

I’d call that a pretty successful disruption. Many of the businesses we’ve contacted have canceled their ads in YWN, and there is noticeably less advertising in the paper – which means less revenue.

We’re not going to stop our “terrorist conspiracy” (Leroyspeak for polite outreach and information sharing) until the newspaper is shut down. But we’ll take a moment of pride in knowing that Leroy is now further isolated and confined to his mancave, having to borrow money from James Sears to publish his soon to be forgotten hate rag.

If you’re in Toronto, please go visit Hirut Cafe, Melange Restaurant, and the Lake House; have some food and drinks, and thank the owners and staff for not giving a venue to fascist scumbags. And donate something to Evs’s Initiatives.

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To Clear A Few Things Up

We don’t feel like we really have to contend with the views of Leroy St. Germaine and Your Ward News. The lines are pretty clearly drawn for anyone who looks at the evidence. But since Leroy has a tendency to lie, we just thought we’d clarify a few things.

All of the outreach this group has been involved in has been polite and non-confrontational, ie: calling advertisers in the newspaper and talking to venue owners of Leroy’s live music events. We’ve simply provided them with information on Leroy and his racist newspaper, after which they’re left with a decision. We’ve never called Leroy, despite his assertion that some mysterious anonymous caller has been harassing him. As a person who’s openly racist and also publicly publishes his phone number, is he really surprised?

We are not terrorists, nor are we Marxists, LOL. Nothing we have done has been in any way violent, threatening, or illegal. When backed into a corner and confronted with the disgusting and unpopular nature of his ideas, Leroy is calling anyone who opposes him a “terrorist” or “Marxist conspirator” or some other scary McCarthyist slur.

It’s sad that Leroy is tokenizing the few people of colour who will associate with him, and it’s sad that these few still cling to him. But having a black friend doesn’t make one “not racist.” How many times have we heard old white men proclaim that “I can’t be anti-Semitic, my wife is half Jewish!” or “look, I’m nice to the black person who serves me food… I’m not racist!”. Racism is insidious. When marginalized and seeking broader legitimacy, many of the worst racists and Nazis have been willing to make compromises and work with those they claim to hate. Martin Heidegger had a love affair and friendship with Hannah Arendt who was Jewish, but that didn’t mean that Heidegger wasn’t a despicable Nazi.

Leroy compares his publication to Charlie Hebdo on the basis that both are “controversial,” and to further his persecution complex. While Charlie Hebdo is a left wing satire magazine that makes fun of the far-right, racists and xenophobes; Leroy’s newspaper is a far-right publication that prints polemics attacking immigrants, Jews, women, LGBT folk, and people of colour. There’s really no comparison other than in Leroy’s very active imagination.

We respect Leroy’s right to think and say what he wants. But unfortunately for Leroy, freedom of speech goes both ways. If he wants to publish obscene hatred and bigotry against some of the most vulnerable and oppressed members of society, then those of us who are decent will take it upon ourselves to expose and confront him. We’re not against music either. Quite the contrary. But as long as Leroy uses his live music events to legitimize himself, and to fund his hateful publication, we will make connections between his music events and his racist newspaper, and try to shut them down.

And how odd that Leroy often quotes George Orwell. Is he not aware that Orwell was heavily influenced by anti-authoritarian communism and anarchism? Nobody said Leroy was smart, or consistent though.

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YWN Event Venue Pulled After Successful Outreach


After some successful outreach, the venue for Leroy’s St. Paddy’s Day Blues Bash has canceled.


Danforth Music Festival/Beaches Blues Festival is owned by Leroy St. Germaine, the owner and editor/publisher of YWN. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen by contacting the venue. And especially thanks to Hirut Cafe for doing the right thing!! Go try their food. I hear it’s really good.