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Your Ward News and White Nationalism

Your Ward News often claims to be simply a “controversial” or “satirical” newspaper that is pushing the boundaries of free speech in some libertarian crusade against the forces of censorship and big government. This is a tired old trope that’s been used by Neo-Nazis for ages. Take for example Paul Fromm and his “Canadian Association for Free Expression“. Fromm has been an active Nazi organizer and recruiter for decades and has ties to the KKK., yet he frames his organization in terms of liberal defense of free speech. The now defunct Heritage Front also tried to deflect criticism from it’s Nazi organizing by appealing to liberal notions of free speech. Your Ward News has connections to both Paul Fromm and the Heritage Front.

It’s common for Nazis and other fascists to tone down their rhetoric when they’re marginalized and looking to recruit, seeking to appeal to a broader audience of potential supporters by pandering to less hardcore racists and conservatives with issues like immigration and free speech. But it usually doesn’t take much digging to get the full story.

This blog has made numerous connections between Your Ward News and it’s writers and supporters, and the broader Nazi, White Nationalist and fascist movement. And we have documented many incidences of racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and other forms of hatred and bigotry in the pages of YWN and in statements from people associated with the group. Please take the time to browse our blog to see the evidence.

In keeping with our purpose, we will continue this documentation as needed, but feel we’ve amassed enough evidence here to slow down a bit and not pick apart every repetition of hate speech that comes out with each new issue of YWN.

The Your Ward News Watch Facebook page was recently visited by well known Michigan White Nationalist John Nugent who left us a post about a Jewish Israeli historian (Shlomo Sand) who recently renounced his Jewish identity. The link was left with the quote “Look at this horrible antisemite”. We can only assume that this was an attempt to deflect criticism from YWN and to obfuscate and minimize real anti-Semitism. Shlomo Sand is a controversial figure, but whatever ones feelings are about him, the existence of a Jewish Israeli historian who’s deeply critical of Jewish identity and especially nationalism, certainly doesn’t legitimize the Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories about Jews coming from people like Nugent, and YWN.

john d nugent

As it turns out, Nugent and YWN publisher and owner Leroy St. Germaine are Facebook friends.


Nugent is a well known for his virulent anti-Semitism, racist conspiracy theories about aliens, and absurd fringe history:

Further to our recent exchange with Nugent, YWN editor and scumbag Holocaust denier/serial sex offender James Sears was recently quoted on the white supremacist webforum Stormfront:


It appears that a Nazi from Winnipeg going by the name ‘vikingwarlord14’ (LOL, WTF!?) wrote to James Sears recently looking for info in the NCP’s platform in relation to white supremacy.  According to vikingwarlord14, Sears replied somewhat receptively:

“The New Constitution Party recognizes “white genocide” as a real phenomenon. For example, abortion only targets white Christian women. Also, “anti-racism” is merely code language for “anti-white”. As for immigration, it would be unrealistic to limit it based on colour.

Instead, it should be limited based on country of origin. Furthermore, stopping it all together makes no sense for what you are concerned about because whites are reproducing more slowly that other races, so Canada would become even LESS white if we do that. Instead, we should promote EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION ONLY, from people who have deep roots in Europe.”

James Sears also got some recent coverage from a news site called ‘Renegade Tribune’ run by white supremacist Kyle Hunt who staged a “white man’s march” in 2014 in the states.

So add this to the cache of evidence of connections to Nazis and hateful and bigoted expression coming from James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine next time they play the freedom of speech card.