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Your Ward News’ Door To Door Fraud. More Holocaust Denial By James Sears.

Several residents in the Beaches neighborhood have reported that canvassers have shown up to their doors selling tickets for Your Ward News’ music “festival” the Beaches Blues Fest/Danforth Music Fest. This is odd for several reasons. Firstly, because the “festival” is now a paranoid, invite only “open stage” (there’s no stage though) at the newspaper’s office. Hardly a “festival”, Leroy’s feeble attempt at live music promotion has been shunned by any potential venues after people in the community learned of the connections between BBF/DMF, YWN, and the newspaper’s racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic content, and support for Neo-Nazis. So it seems strange that Leroy would be canvassing the community selling tickets for such a reclusive event that’s “not open to the general public”, and where “no commies or lefties” are allowed. Clearly Leroy and YWN are feeling the heat and desperate for money.

And secondly, the BBF/DMF are being canvassed as a “non-profit” that “supports street kids”. Considering the history and ideology of the people involved with this newspaper and it’s associated music “festival”, this is a shameful and sinister fraud. Leroy did donate tickets (not money) for one of his music events to an org that helps street kids once. Eva’s Initiatives has since stated that they will no longer accept any donations from Leroy after learning about his hateful and bigoted newspaper. The actual content of Your Ward News is even more startling, considering that they’re billing their music events as a “non-profit” “festival” that “helps street kids”.

Here’s a picture from  YWN’s May 2013 issue. It shows a young man panhandling, and insinuates that street kids are “unmotivated slackers”, who leech off taxpayers, and are “violent, aggressive, and use drugs”.


And here’s an article from the same issue of YWN. Robert James describes his escapades with Michelle Erstikaitis on a Rob ford community clean up day. The article describes people in the Downtown East community of Toronto as “vermin” and is surprising, even by YWN standards, in it’s viscous hatred of poor and marginalized people.


How a group that spews such virulent intolerance against poor people can lie so blatantly and claim that it’s somehow “helping street kids” with the money it’s trying to raise is beyond obscene.

So watch out for door to door fraud by this despicable hate group. Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Festival are owned by Leroy St. Germaine, the same waste of oxygen who owns and publishes Your Ward News. If they come to your door asking for money, you might want to report it as fraud.


And James Sears, YWN’s new editor in chief is all kinds of anti-Semitic crazy lately. His most recent tweet is a Holocaust denial video featuring “pastor” Steven Anderson, the leader of a Christian fundamentalist hate group from Arizona. Like minds I guess.


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Your Ward News Goes Full Nazi

In their recently released April edition, apparently being delivered by Canada Post, Your Ward News dedicates four full pages to promoting the New Constitution Party. The second page includes an image of NCP’s membership card.


Note the fasces, the symbol of Italian fascism. Also note the membership number, 88 – code for “heil hitler” amongst Nazi scumbags. And further note the issue date, April 20th – Hitler’s birthday.


Page 1 is an article titled ‘Freedom of Speech, the Heilist Ideal’

heilist ideal

Aside from the Nazi play on words, the article goes on to defend holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, and invokes racist anti-Semite David Irving, and the pseudoscientific and widely disproven Leuchter Report.

Much of the rhetoric of Nazis in Canada and abroad tries to frame racism and fascism as “free speech” issues in order to obscure fascism’s true intent. Whether genocidal scumbags should have the right to promote their thoroughly meritless ideology is debatable (I personally couldn’t care less about their free speech “rights”). But if free speech exists for fascists, that creates a responsibility for decent people to be vigilant and fight against fascism wherever it tries to use free speech to establish itself.


The issue also includes two articles by Nazi/Paul Bernardo fan Michelle Erstikiatis, the second of which is an analysis/endorsement of White Nationalism in Canada.

white nationalism

And there’s a bizarre full page comparing Hitler to David Suzuki, and promoting Hitler’s “softer” side as an animal lover, and someone who the “ZioMarxist controlled mainstream media” is feeding you “LIES” about.


Full Nazi folks. Delivered by Canada Post.

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