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YWN Editor James Sears Does Speaking Event for Paul Fromm

It’s been a while since our last post. There are more important things in life than keeping tabs on fascist asshats after all. But since our last post, YWN editor and delusional narcissist scumbag James Sears did a speaking event for the “Canadian Association for Free Expression” which is run by long time Nazi and KKK affiliate Paul Fromm. YWN and Fromm have had some connections in the past from YWN’s endorsement for his dismal failure running for mayor of Mississauga to Fromm giving YWN favourable mention on his website. The event was hosted by a “German Club” called Blue Danube/Danube Schwabian Club which has hosted events for Paul Fromm (NSFW) in the past, including one which was smashed up by some good old mask wearing Antifa. Feel free to troll the FB groups (linked above) of the Toronto Danube Schwabians in case their individual members are unaware that the club is a front for Nazis. We have to wonder if Sears is still denying that he and YWN are Nazis. Or maybe they identify as “racialists” or “white nationalists” or some other bullshit euphemism, as opposed to classical fascists. No difference.